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From time to time Wilmot United Church will list publications that relate to the church on this page. These will usually be in pdf format, which you should be able to view on any computer that has a recent copy of the free Adobe Reader installed on it. If you do not already have Adobe Reader installed on your computer, you can find it free at the Adobe web site.

Words from Wilmot
(published several times a year)

Marriage Policy
Marriage policy information updated for 2016

Rental Agreement
An application form for use of Wilmot United Church facilities

Marriage Pamphlet
Marriage information updated for 2015

Annual Report
2018 (1.9 MB)

Annual Report
2017 (1.3 MB)

Annual Report
2016 (1.8 MB)

Annual Report
2014 (9.6 MB)
Annual Report
2013 (1.8 MB)
Annual Report
2012 (Note: Pages 18; 20 - 24 were scanned in later and added at the end of the report.)

Daily Gleaner article
Published April 16, 2011: "Easter is the heart of the Christian story for Wilmot's Gaskin"

Group Photo Directory 2011
(This document is nearly 5 MB; depending on your Internet speed, it may take a while to download.)


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