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Radical Hospitality

Special Events

Coffee & Conversation

Radical Hospitality Committee

Purpose/Goal: To reach out to the Church congregation by making them feel welcome, hosting and helping with events that strive for inclusion and an opportunity to meet. The committee assists in our intentional welcome of the LGBTQI2S+ community and seeks paths of exploring other areas where the congregation wishes to strengthen its welcome. Members are always open to be approached for any questions or ideas anyone has to offer.

Members: Derek Ness, Deb Bradbury, Maureen Toner, Lynn Fullarton, Elisabeth Savoie, Norman Laverty & Rev. Mary Tingley

Meetings: 1 hour evening meeting, once a month at the Church or as needed to prepare for an event. During COVID, meetings were held on Zoom. Committee members may spend 1 – 4 hours in preparation for an event.

Details: Refer to write up from Event Calendar attached.

Contact: Derek Ness, 999-6554

The 2022 Event calendar can be found here.

Special Events

Special events variety of events throughout the year to provide opportunities for fellowship and community development. Almost all events are intended for the whole congregation, although cater to particular segments (e.g., Pancake Tuesday, Sleigh Ride, Swimming, Bowling, Christmas Progressive Dinner, Kitchen Party).

Coffee & Conversation

The congregation is invited to gather each week following Sunday morning worship for a chance to catch up with friends and to meet new people. Committees, assisted by individuals, are assigned to host approximately 3 times each year. Summer services are covered by individual volunteers. Coffee/tea/cold drinks and cookies are provided.

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