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Words From Wilmot

Words from Wilmot is published several times a year by the Information Team of Wilmot United. Current issues are made available to all families of the church. Recent issues are available here as well, in pdf format.

As early as 1972 the congregation had a newsletter, but it was not until 1983 that it was published under its current name. Since 1983 Words from Wilmot has had a number of editors: Sue MacLeod, Shirley Cleave, Brenda Jones, Marion Burris, Sue Breen, Debbie Thorne, Jo-Ann Fellows, Garth Caseley and Peggy Scott. Lucille Caseley is the current editor; Rick Patterson is the compositor.

The hardcopy version (including several copies in large print for those who are visually impaired) of the current Words from Wilmot is available at the church on the Sunday after it is printed and can be picked up there. Additional copies are usually available later at the church office. The online version -available here- will be archived for longer periods.

You should be able to view these files on any computer that has a recent copy of the free Adobe Reader installed on it. If you do not already have Adobe Reader installed on your computer, you can download it free at the Adobe web site.

December, 2021 (5 Mb, colour)
December, 2020 (3.7 Mb, colour)
March, 2020 (4 Mb, colour)
November, 2019 (6.5 Mb, colour)
June, 2019 (3 Mb, colour)
February, 2019 (4.1 Mb, colour)
November, 2018 (2.8 Mb, colour)
September, 2018 (2.2 Mb, colour)
June, 2018 (10 Mb, colour)
February, 2018 (3.8 Mb, colour)
November, 2017 (5.2 Mb, colour)
October, 2017 (3.9 Mb, colour)
June, 2017 (8.1 Mb, colour)
March, 2017 (2.7 Mb, colour)
November, 2016 (351 Kb, colour)
September, 2016 (1100 Kb, colour)
June, 2016 (1000 Kb, colour)
February, 2016 (672 Kb, colour)
November, 2015 (960 Kb, colour)
September, 2015 (483 Kb, colour)
June, 2015 (691 KB, colour)
February, 2015 (497 KB, colour)
November, 2014 (584 KB, colour)
October, 2014 (556 KB, colour)
June, 2014 (811 KB, colour)
March, 2014 Lent/Easter (936 KB, colour)
November, 2013 Advent (848 KB, colour)
October, 2013 (547 KB, colour)
June, 2013 (343 KB - colour)
February, 2013 (588 KB - colour)
November, 2012 (677 KB - colour)
September, 2012 (505 KB)
April, 2012 (713 KB)
November, 2011 (1 MB)
April 2011 (288 KB)
November 2010 (1.02 MB)
March 2010 (1.2 MB)

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